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Choosing CompactFlash Cards and Reader/Writers

To perform the software upgrade of a C-Series Classic, E-Series Classic, A60, or A65 display or archive waypoint/route/track data to a memory card, or update the software of a product through one of these displays, you will need a compatible CompactFlash® (CF) memory card and a CompactFlash memory card read/write device, a computer (or access to a computer), and Internet access for the computer. Raymarine recommends use of SanDisk brand CF memory cards having a capacity of between 32MB and 256MB with these displays. Low memory capacity SanDisk brand CF memory cards are now relatively challenging to purchase through local merchants. However, these CF memory cards may readily be purchased from Internet merchants.

Note: C-Series Widescreen MFDs, E-Series Widescreen MFDs, e7/e7D MFDs, and G-Series systems are not subject to the aforementioned memory card capacity restrictions listed above.

Note: C-Series Classic MFDs operating with v5.04 software and A50, A50D, A57, A57D, A70, and A70D displays operating with v1.09 A-Series software also feature support for SanDisk micro-SD memory when used in conjunction with the Raymarine micro-SD Cartography Adapter.

NOTE: After years of offering CF memory cards which had been populated with software update files for Raymarine products, Raymarine suspended the option to purchase such cards at the end of 2011. The supply of low capacity CF memory cards available within the market place has been rapidly shrinking due to the increased memory capacity requirements and/or memory card form factor requirements of today's electronic devices. This shortage of small capacity CF memory cards has made it impractical for Raymarine to continue purchasing compatible CF memory cards in the quantities required to support customer demand for memory card which have been populated with software update files. Should one desire to update the software oneself, then it is recommended that the Internet be searched for the following key words: SanDisk, 32MB, 64MB, 128MB, and 256MB, as it is unlikely that one will be able to obtain such cards through local merchants. Alternatively, customers may contact a certified Raymarine installer to perform the software update(s) or may send their product(s) to Raymarine's Product Repair Center to have software update(s) performed.

Raymarine recommends that CF memory cards be checked using Raymarine's Compact Flash Compatibility Tool which may be downloaded from the hyperlink found in FAQ 1120 - Formatting CF Cards for use with A60/A65, C-Series Classic, or E-Series Classic displays. Any CF memory card, regardless of manufacturer or memory capacity, should be checked with this tool. Raymarine has recently identified that its Compact Flash Compatibility Tool may return a false indication of compatibility when used in conjunction with CF memory cards having a memory capacity greater than 1GB. As such, Raymarine recommends use of SanDisk brand CF memory cards having a capacity of between 32MB and 256MB with these displays.

Typical CF Memory Card

CF reader/writers come in many brands and styles. Some newer desktop PC's have built-in memory card readers that are CF compatible. There are PCMCIA adapter cards available for laptop computers that allow them to access CF memory cards. There are also USB card readers available that will work fine for this purpose, hosting CF memory cars as well as other memory card formats.

Both CompactFlash cards and reader/writer devices are available in just about any department store, electronics store, or computer store. You will usually find them in the same section as the digital camera accessories.

It should be noted that Raymarine's Navionics Multicard Chart Reader may also be used for this purpose. The Navionics Multicard Chart Reader has the added benefit of being able to decrypt the cartography recorded on your Navionics chart card, permitting this cartography to be used with Raymarine's free RayTech Planner software. The Navionics Multicard Chart Reader may also be used to support waypoint & route transfer between a PC running RayTech Planner software and your A60, A65, A50(D), A57D, A70(D), RC435(i), C-Series Classic, C-Series Widescreen, E-Series Classic, E-Series Widescreen, and G-Series products.

CompactFlash is a registered trademark of SanDisk Corporation.