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Updating the software in G-Series Processor Module

How do I upgrade the software in my G-Series Processor Module (GMP400)? Is it something I can do myself?

Updating the software in the G-Series Processor Module (GPM) is fast and easy using a commonly available Compact Flash (CF) memory card and a CF memory card reader/writer for your PC or Mac.

Before beginning the software upgrade, you may wish to read the following related answers from the Raymarine knowledge base:

Choosing Compact Flash Cards and Reader/Writers

Please click HERE to download the latest software

NOTE: If you have not already done so online, you will be prompted to register your GPM(s) with Raymarine before you can download the software file.To register your product, you will need to know your GPM’s serial number which can be found on the rear of the GPM, on the UPC code on the end of the original box your display came in, or under the UPC code on the product registration decal that came with your display or via the following G-Series command sequence:


One of theses decals should have been affixed to the record card in your G-Series Reference Manual.

UnZipping the Software DownloadThere are software downloads available for users of both Windows-based PC's and Apple Mac Computers.The Windows-based PC version of the download is a self-extracting WinZip file. Simply double click on the GPM400 Software Update vx.xx (.exe) hyperlink on the G-Series Software web page. When the File Download Security dialog is displayed, click on the Run button within this dialog. After the Download Progress dialog indicates that the download is complete, then an Internet Explorer - Security Warning dialog will be displayed asking whether the downloaded file (GPM400_APP_xxx.exe) should be run. Click on the Run button within this dialog. Doing so will cause the WinZip Self Extractor to be run and the corresponding extractor dialog to be displayed. The WinZip Self-Extractor will extract files to the following default location: C:\Raymarine\G Series\GPM400\Vx.xx (where x.xx is the version #)

If satisfied with this location, then click the UNZIP button. When the file extraction is compete, close the WinZip Self-Extractor.The Mac version of the software is a simple ZIP file. Use your own Stuff-It Expander software to open and extract the software file. Windows users who are familiar with Win Zip can also download and use this file if they desire.

Copying Files to a Compact flash Memory Card

PC Users: point your computer to: C:\Raymarine\G Series\GPM400\Vx.xx (where x.xx is the version #)

Inside the Vx.xx folder you should find a file named "autorung" and also an APP file. The exact name of the APP file will vary slightly depending on the software version number, but will look very close to "autorung.app."

Mac users, go to the location you extracted the files contained in the ZIP file to. You should see the same DOB and PKG files as mentioned above.

Using your CF memory card and your computer’s CF reader/writer, copy both the autorung and APP file to the root directory of the CF memory card. For example, if your CF reader/writer is drive E: on your system, then these files be copied directly to the E: drive, and not into a subfolder within the E: drive.

Your CF memory card is now ready.Upgrading the GPM

  1. Remove any installed Navionics chart card or CF memory card (used for saving waypoints, routes, or tracks) from the GPM’s CF memory card reader/writer.
  2. While the GPM is powered on, insert the USB Flash Memory Drive or a CF memory card containing the software update into the corresponding slot within the GPM. The GPM will detect the media insertion and begin the software update process automatically.
    IMPORTANT INSTALLATION INFORMATION! At no point during the software installation process should the GPM400’s power source be interrupted. Loss of power during the software installation process could seriously damage the GPM400, potentially resulting in operational failure.
  3. The software update progress will be displayed on the monitor. After the installation has completed, the GPM will automatically perform a soft reboot.
  4. After the GPM has rebooted, the GPM will notify the operator to remove the USB Flash Memory Drive or a CF memory card. After doing so, the GPM will fully boot up.