System Add-Ons and Related Products

Expand your gS Series network

Your gS Series display is just the start! Configure your gS Series as a single all-in-one chart, radar and sonar navigation display or expand into a navigation network with multiple displays, CHIRP DownVision™ sonar, thermal night vision and more.

Network Sonar Modules

Network Sonar Modules | Raymarine

Step up to more power and high resolution CHIRP sonar technology or introduce DownVision to your network.

Evolution Autopilots

Evolution Autopilots | Raymarine

Experience full autopilot control directly from your gS Series display by connecting the Evolution autopilot.


Radar | Raymarine

Display radar data with an optional Raymarine Digital, HD Color or Super HD Color radar antenna.


Additional Displays

eSeries Range

Network with any LightHouse II powered Raymarine MFD. Create a multi-station network with up to 8 displays.


Thermal Cameras

Thermal Cameras | Raymarine

Integrate thermal night vision technology to enhance your situational awareness in limited visibility.

AIS Modules

AIS Modules | Raymarine

Receive and see AIS data on your gS Series display by networking an AIS module.



GPS | Raymarine

The optional Raymarine GPS sensors are perfect for the gS Series.

Engine Data

Engine Data | Raymarine

Monitor engine and fuel performance using NMEA 2000 or Raymarine's exclusive ECI-100 Universal Engine and Control Interface.


Satellite TV

Satellite TV | Raymarine

Introduce onboard entertainment to your gS Series network.


RMK-9 Remote

RMK-9 Remote | Raymarine

The optional RMK-9 Remote keypad gives you full control of single or multiple displays from a remote location.

Mobile Apps

Free wireless Apps | Raymarine

Take control of your gS Series from your tablet or smartphone using the built-in WiFi and the Free Raymarine mobile apps

RCU-3 Remote

RCU-3 Remote | Raymarine

Stay in command of your gS Series without even leaving the wheel with the wireless Bluetooth RCU-3 Remote.


LightHouse II Software

LightHouse II Software | Raymarine

Don't miss out on free features for your gS Series display. Check you have the latest software.

Digital Switching

Digital Switching | Raymarine

Control lighting, monitor AC and DC electrical systems, remotely monitor fluid tanks and battery levels and much more.



Access your favourite music and take full control of your Fusion 700 series. Fusion software v1.1.3360 compatible with gS Series


SiriusXM Weather (US only)

SiriusXM Weather | Raymarine

Enjoy detailed weather reports, NOWRad weather radar and much more on your gS Series display.