Software Version: v1.25
Release Date: May 2012
Replaces: v1.15
Effected Products: i70

Important Notes: n/a

Downloading the Software

1 - Select the software update below depending on which Multifunction Display you will be using to perform the Remote Update

A Series C Series Classic E Series Classic C Series Wide E Series Wide G Series V 2 G Series V 4 a/c/e Series
A Series Thumb 115px
C Classic Thumb 115px
E Classic Thumb 115px
C Wide Thumb 115px
E Wide Thumb 115px
G Series Thumb 115px
G Series Thumb 115px
Wireless c/e Series Thumb 115px

2 - Visit our dedicated instruction page for step by step instructions on how to update your remote product. The page is separated so you can easily print the page

Changes in this update

  • Full compatibility with the new Instrument Transducer Converter (ITC-5). - This will allow full Calibration and set-up of all Transducer variants supported by the ITC-5.

Previous Versions

Version 1.15

  • The TRIP value can now be reset. - The Trip value has the following functions:
    • i70 & Speed Pod – Trip stored in i70 and is individual to each display.
    • i70 & DST800 – Trip stored in DST and is a single global Trip.
    • i70 & ITC-5 – Trip stored in ITC-5 and is a single global Trip.
  • Corrects a fault when Turkish Language is selected, where the i70 could lock up or reset.
  • Modification to Temperature calibration.