Software Version: v1.08 App v1.06 Bootloader
Release Date:October 2010
Replaces: v1.06, v1.04
Effected Products: ST70+

Important Notes: 4 software files are required; (Instrument App. (v1.08), Pilot App. (v1.08) & Bootloader (v1.06) together with the relevant autorun file for the MFD you are using.  Bootloader must be installed first, then the Pilot App and Instrument App after.

Downloading the Software

1 - Select the software update below depending on which Multifunction Display you will be using to perform the Remote Update

A Series C Series Classic E Series Classic C Series Wide E Series Wide G Series V 2 G Series V 4 a/c/e Series
A Series Thumb 115px
C Classic Thumb 115px
E Classic Thumb 115px
C Wide Thumb 115px
E Wide Thumb 115px
G Series Thumb 115px
G Series Thumb 115px
Wireless c/e Series Thumb 115px

2 - Visit our dedicated instruction page for step by step instructions on how to update your remote product. The page is separated so you can easily print the page

Changes in this update

The following changes have been made to the application software:

  • Stops the display resetting either after a software upgrade or after running for some time.
  • Corrections to the calculation of Ground Wind Direction.
  • Changes to static heading. Now does not default to Magnetic.
  • The SOG Analogue dial now auto scales correctly.
  • Corrects Pilot Display intermittent crashes.
  • Corrects upgrade fails with ST70 Data Pods on bus.
  • Stops the ST70+ Display resetting when an ST70 Display is set to Polish Language.

The following changes have been made to the Bootloader software:

  • Bootloader (v1.06) is faster and more reliable when upgrading the software over Seatalk NG. - Note with previous Bootloader you may have to reduce the number of NG products on the bus.

Previous Versions


  • The display can develop a fault condition that causes the unit to reset. This normally occurs after power cycling the display. 
  • The display can cause the selected units to drop back to default and the display can also lose the Keyboard setup.
  • Datum tables have been updated to remove ambiguous datum’s and to align with ST70 and MFDs.

V1.04 (Launch Software)