• Software for: Evolution EV1 and EV2 Heading Sensor
  • Version: v2.17
  • Date Released: May 2016

Downloading the Software

Select the software update below depending on which Multifunction Display (MFD) you will be using to perform the Remote Update.

Warning a/c/e/eS/gS Series - Updating via a/c/e/eS/gS Series display. MFD software must be at level v13.37 and above - Click here to update your MFD  
Warning G Series - Updating via G Series system. System software must be at level v4.49 and above - Click here to update your MFD  
Info Evolution Pilot System - Please make sure you have the latest p70/p70r and ACU software installed, otherwise issues may arise
ACU Software Update | p70/p70r Software Update  
Warning Pilot System - You must update EV1 Sensor before updating your ACU

A Classic

A ClassicDownload  

C Classic

C ClassicUnavailable  

E Classic

E ClassicDownload  

C Wide

C WideDownload  

E Wide

E WideDownload  

G Series

G SeriesDownload  

a/c/e/gS Series

a/c/e/gS SeriesDownload  

eS Series

eS SeriesDownload  

Info a/c/e/eS/gS Download - This download now contains the following additional product updates:

  • Pilots – Evolution ACU, Evolution CCU, p70/p70r

Software History

Version Release Date Features
v2.17 May 2016
  • Track Acquisition & Track Keeping enhancements
  • Vane mode – Wind steering Performance enhancements
  • Autotack improvements
  • Windshift Alarm improvements – including the ability to switch off
  • Enhanced Compass Calibration Routine for EV Sensor
  • NMEA2000 improvements
    • NOTE : Dependant products must be on;
      •  p70/p70R software on v3.05 or higher
      •  ACU software on v2.17 or higher
v1.11 Sept 2014
  • Improved SeaTalkNG bus address claim handling
  • Corrects an issue with 3rd party equipment transmitting incomplete navigation data causing Tracking and 'No Pilot' errors
v1.08 June 2014
  • The EV2 is now fully compatible with ZF Power Boat Drive by Wire steering systems
  • Further improves the Speed data selection algorithm to resolve issues where the incorrect speed is transmitted from some engines
  • Supports the selection of STW, SOG or Default from within Pilot Calibration
    • NOTE : Requires p70/p70R software higher than v2.12
  • Factory calibration of Magnetometer alignment improved to enhance heading accuracy
v1.06 April 2014
  • The Pilot now uses the highest value of bus Speed from SOG or STW. - This will eliminate the pilot instability issues seen on some vessels that have a faulty or non-inserted STW paddle wheel Transducer
  • For vessels without SOG or STW, Cruising Speed is now selectable in Pilot Vessel Settings when Cal Lock is turned off
  • Heading errors caused by vessels undertaking a fast banked turn is now corrected. – Previously seen as poor overlay performance
v1.01 2013
  • PRODUCTION ONLY UPDATE - Only for ACU100 to add Hydraulic calibration option done on production line only
    • No software update released for public as it offers no additional features or fixes
v1.00 2013