Open Source GPL & LGPL Archive

The archive files found on this page contains the source code for the GPL and LGPL licensed executables and libraries which are used on Raymarine products.

We do not offer Technical Support at these links.

Products Platform Software Version Link


e7/e7D v1.07 Download
c95/c97/c125/c127/e7/e7D/e95/e97/e125/e127 v2.06 Download
c95/c97/c125/c127/e7/e7D/e95/e97/e125/e127 v3.10 Download
c95/c97/c125/c127/e7/e7D/e95/e97/e125/e127/e165 v4.11 Download
a65/a67/c95/c97/c125/c127/e7/e7D/e95/e97/e125/e127/e165 v5.13 Download
a65/a67/c95/c97/c125/c127/e7/e7D/e95/e97/e125/e127/e165 v6.12 Download
a65/a67/a68/a75/a77/a78/c95/c97/c125/c127/e7/e7D/e95/e97/e125/e127/e165/gS95/gS125/gS165/gS195 v7.34_v8.45 Download
a65/a67/a68/a75/a77/a78/c95/c97/c125/c127/e7/e7D/e95/e97/e125/e127/e165/gS95/gS125/gS165/gS195 v9.12 Download
a65/a67/a68/a75/a77/a78/c95/c97/c125/c127/e7/e7D/e95/e97/e125/e127/e165/gS95/gS125/gS165/gS195/eS75/eS78/eS97/eS98/eS127/eS128 v15.19 Download
a65/a67/a68/a75/a77/a78/c95/c97/c125/c127/e7/e7D/e95/e97/e125/e127/e165/gS95/gS125/gS165/gS195/eS75/eS78/eS97/eS98/eS127/eS128 v19.00 Download
eS/gS Series LH3 v3.3 Download
eS/gS Series LH3 v3.4 Download
eS/gS Series LH3 v3.5 Download
eS/gS Series LH3 v3.6 Download
eS/gS Series LH3 v3.7 Download
eS/gS Series LH3 v3.8 Download
eS/gS Series LH3 v3.9 Download
eS/gS Series LH3 v3.10 Download
eS/gS Series LH3 v3.11 Download
AXIOM LH3 v3.0 Download
AXIOM LH3 v3.1 Download
AXIOM & AXIOM-Pro LH3 v3.2 Download
AXIOM & AXIOM-Pro LH3 v3.3 Download


LH3 v3.4 Download
AXIOM AXIOM-Pro, AXIOM XL LH3 v3.5 Download
AXIOM AXIOM-Pro, AXIOM XL LH3 v3.6 Download
AXIOM AXIOM-Pro, AXIOM XL LH3 v3.7 Download
AXIOM AXIOM-Pro, AXIOM XL LH3 v3.8 Download
AXIOM AXIOM-Pro, AXIOM XL LH3 v3.9 Download
AXIOM AXIOM-Pro, AXIOM XL LH3 v3.10 Download
AXIOM AXIOM-Pro, AXIOM XL LH3 v3.11 Download
AXIOM & AXIOM-Pro WebView LH3 v3.0 to v3.3 Download
AXIOM, AXIOM-Pro, AXIOM XL WebView LH3 v3.4 to v3.9 Download
Element LH3 Sport v3.8 Download
Element LH3 Sport v3.9 Download
Element LH3 Sport v3.10 Download


Wi-Fish v15.19 Download


Dragonfly 6 v6.14 Download
Dragonfly 6 v9.12 Download
Dragonfly 6/7 & 4/5/6/7-Pro Models v15.19 Download


CP100 v8.04 Download
CP100 v15.19 Download
CP200 v11.07 Download
CP370 v15.02 Download
CP470/CP570 v14.03 Download
RVX1000 v3.4 Download
RVX1000 v3.11.42 Download
RVX1000 WebView v3.4 Download


RMK-9 v7.28 Download
RMK-9/RMK-10 v15.11 Download


Quantum Doppler v2.36 / v2.43 / v2.44 Download