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YachtSense™ is an advanced digital control system affording complete command and control of a vessel's electrical systems. Its innovative modular design and industry-leading safety features make YachtSense digital control the future of modern vessel automation.

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Modern Vessel Automation

Modern Vessel Automation

Each YachtSense Digital Control System is built upon a fully customized user experience. Bespoke user interface options deliver a modern and elegant vessel automation solution. Captains can monitor mechanical systems and take control of the vessel amenities right from the helm.

From checking on generator status to setting saloon lighting for the evening, YachtSense provides effortless control allowing the captain and crew to focus on getting underway and enjoying the open water.



YachtSense is a unique modular system architecture that gives boat builders the freedom to design and standardize on a digital control solution that can scale across an entire model range. Each YachtSense system begins with the YachtSense Master Module and Power Supply Module. High and Low power switching modules, Reverse Modules, and Signal modules expand the system with up to 4 channels on each module. The system can scale even further with the addition of a Remote module.  No other digital switching system offers this much flexibility and expansion capabilities.

Engineered for the unexpected

Engineered for the unexpected

YachtSense systems are built to Raymarine’s demanding standards with three layers of redundancy for peace of mind. In the event of a network disruption, the entire system will switch to a minimal operating mode, and the Master Module keypad and LCD provide system control. All modules continue to operate during a network outage, and a manual fuse bypass provides a temporary power override in the unlikely event of a module failure. Plus, all modules feature rugged IPX6 enclosures and are backed by a 3-year warranty.

YachtSense Digital Control Systems

Digital Control System: How it Works

YachtSense Master Module

1 - The Master Module

The YachtSense system can expand even further with the YachtSense Remote Modules. Remote modules replace the master modules for these expansion sets.

YachtSense Low Power Module

2 - Low Power Module

The low power module is a digital output module and can be used to drive lower powered electrical loads such as lights, wipers motors and other electronic devices. Supports up to 4 devices.

YachtSense High Power Module

3 - High Power Module

The High power module is a digital output module and can be used to drive high powered electrical loads such as pumps, fans, heaters, refrigerators and Hi-Fi equipment etc. Supports up to 2 devices.

YachtSense Revers Power Module

4 - Reverse Power Module

The Reverse Module provides control over 1 x DC circuit that can reverse its polarity. It is ideal motion control applications of hydraulic pumps, actuators, sunroofs, sunshades, and electric windows.

YachtSense Signal Module

5 - Signal Module

The signal module provides a connection to up to 4 input signals. These can be used to monitor tank levels, battery voltages, temperatures, switches or a variety of other sensors. Any of these 4 channels can also be used as a low current output signal to control other electronic devices or relays.

YachtSense Power Supply Module

6 - Power Supply Module

Point of connection for DC power and completes the stack of modules. Power Supply Modules provide all other modules with a connection to the boats power supply. Protects all connected circuits from transient voltages and reverse polarity connection.

YachtSense Complete Module Image

Getting started

If you are a boat builder or system integrator working with a boat builder, Raymarine YachtSense experts can partner with your engineering team to design a YachtSense system. To connect with a YachtSense expert contact us today.