Magnum 12 kW Open Array

12 kW open array radar. Available with your choice of a 4 or 6-foot antenna array. Powerful magnetron radar with up to 96 NM range. The choice of competitive anglers and professional captains.

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Magnum 12 kW Open Array
Powerful Open Array Radar

Powerful Open Array Radar

Magnum 12 kW is our most powerful Magnum open array radar. Available with either a 4-foot or 6-foot open array antenna, Magnum 12 kW is the choice of marine professionals and offshore enthusiasts.

Choose the 4-foot model for high performance, compact radar, or experience the benefits of extended range and improved target resolution with the 6-foot array option.

Magnum 12 kW Models

Magnum 12 kW radars are available with a 4 or 6 foot open array

Magnum 12kW 4 foot Radar Pack

SKU: T70412
Magnum 12kW 4 foot Radar Pack
  • Includes 4 foot array and pedestal 

  • Includes 15 meter cable kit

  • Include VCM100 voltage convertor

Magnum 12kW 6 foot radar pack

SKU: T70414
Magnum 12kW 6 foot radar pack
  • Includes 6 foot array and pedestal 

  • Includes 15 meter cable kit

  • Include VCM100 voltage convertor

12kW Magnum Pedestal w VCM100

SKU: E70487
12kW Magnum Pedestal w VCM100
  • Pedestal only

  • Include VCM100 voltage convertor

Magnum 4ft array only.

SKU: E70490
Magnum 4ft array only.
  • 4 foot array only

Magnum 6ft array only

SKU: E70491
Magnum 6ft array only
  • 6 foot array only

Magnum 12 kW Resources

Power consumption

Typical: < 110 W

Power consumption

Standby: < 30 W

Power consumption

Sleep: < 1.2 W

Nominal supply voltage

Using VCM100: 12 V dc / 24 V dc

Operating voltage range

Using VCM100: 10.8 V dc to 31.2 V dc


USA: 47CFR FCC Part 2 & Part 80 Certificate of Approval, Canada: RSS138 Iss. 1 Technical Acceptance Certificate, European Union & EFTA: Radio Equipment Directive 2014/53/EU Certificate of Opinion, Australia / New Zealand: ACMA Declaration of Conformity Compliance level 3

Relative humidity

Up to 95% @ 35°C (95°F)

Waterproof rating


Maximum wind speed

85 knots

Operating temperature

-25°C to +55°C (-13°F to 131°F)

Maximum range scale

72 nautical miles

Beamwidth (horizontal)

4' Array: 1.85° (nominal)

6' Array: 1.15° (nominal)

Peak power output

4 kW

Standby mode

Magnatron heater: ON, Magnetron control: ON, All other services: OFF



Transmit frequency

9405 MHz ±20 MHz

Warm-up time

75 seconds

Beamwidth (vertical)

25° (nominal)

Rotation speed

24 RPM / 48 RPM

Standby to transmit

2.5 seconds


Height (including antenna): 430 mm (16.9 in), Length: 409 mm (16.1 in), Width: 314 mm (12.3 in)


4 ' Array: 1306 mm (51.4 in)

6' Array: 1918 mm (75.7 in)


29 kg (63.93 lbs)

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1 - C-Series Classic chartplotter displays are only compatible with analog radar scanners, discontinued.

Magnum radars are available with a transmitter power of either 4kW or 12kW. The 4kW output is great for collision avoidance, coastal navigation, and long-range weather detection. The 12kW output offers significantly higher power output which allows the radar to better detect and track small, weak, and distant targets. The 12kW option is extremely popular with coastal and offshore anglers for its long-range bird finding capability. The 12kW version is also an excellent choice for boats venturing far offshore, or who operate regularly in high seas or inclement weather.

Magnum radars with a 4kW transmitter have a maximum range scale of 72 nautical miles. 12kW models have a maximum range scale of 96 nautical miles. Like with any radar, the range at which you will be able to detect and track targets is related to the height of the scanner above the waterline and the height of the target being tracked.

All Magnum radar models come standard with Bird Mode, which optimizes the radar’s transceiver for detecting sea bird activity.

All radars transmit electromagnetic energy at microwave frequencies which can be harmful, particularly to the eyes. For safety, we recommend that any radar be installed above head height, out of range of personnel and passengers. 

Radar scanners should be mounted as high as practical above the waterline. Radar operates as a line-of-sight device, so a high mounting position will give better long-range performance. The radar is also best mounted above the head-level of crew and passengers, to avoid mechanical danger and minimize exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

The requirements for installation and operation of Raymarine radars may be subject to individual licensing of the equipment, operator, or vessel. You are strongly encouraged to check with the requirements of the licensing authority of your national administration. Your local Raymarine dealer can also advise on local and national licensing requirements.

Raymarine radars are ideal for use on rivers and inland waterways due to their excellent long and short-range target detection characteristics. The radar scope can also be presented in a heading-up presentation with a 1/3 or 2/3 offset that gives the radar operator maximum look-ahead visibility in these kinds of waterways. 

In most cases, installing a new radar scanner will require the change-out of the radar scanner interconnect cable but there are exceptions to this. For example, Raymarine offers an adapter cable (A80308) that allows a Quantum or Quantum 2 radar to use the interconnect cable from any Digital or HD Digital radar scanner. Other options may be available. Please consult with your Raymarine installer or technical support for options. 

In most cases new Raymarine scanners will fit on mounts that previously held another Raymarine radar scanner. The mounting pattern for radar scanners has been standardized for many years. There may be mechanical exceptions to this if changing from a radome-style scanner to an open-array due to the larger physical size and weight.

Raymarine radars are excellent tools for monitoring the weather. They can readily detect rain squalls, thunderstorms, and other atmospheric precipitation at long distances. Detecting and tracking weather at long distances can enable you to avoid harsh weather and make your time on the water safer and more enjoyable. 

Radome-style radar scanners are often mounted to a sailboats main mast or foremast using a specially designed mast mount. The mount is typically rivited or bolted to the mast and offers a secure mounting point with excellent line-of-sight for the radar to operate. Optional guards are normally available to provide extra protection to the scanner from the impact of sails or rigging, if needed. These mounts are offered by Raymarine and from 3rd parties like Edson, Questus, ScanStrut, and SeaView

Raymarine radar scanners come with a standard 2-year warranty covering both parts and labour. If you register your newly purchased radar on within 90 days purchase your warranty coverage is extended to 3 years at no additional cost.  

Most marine radar scanners are intended to be used with chartplotters or multifunction displays from the same manufacturer, with some small exceptions. Raymarine’s Quantum radar is compatible with the Orca Core 2 navigation system, as well as the The Q Experience Q2 Display

What's in the box illustration
What's in the box?

The following parts are supplied with the Magnum 12 kW radar.






Denso paste


Lifting sling


Studs x 4


Plain washers x 4


Spring washers x 4


Nuts x 8


Cable tightening tool


Radar-RayNet & power cable (15 m 49.21 ft))


VCM100 mounting screws x 2


VCM100 cable clamp mounting screws x 3


VCM100 Voltage Converter Module


VCM100 cable clamp


Antenna (4 ft or 6 ft)


Threaded alignment guides x 4


Plain washer x 4


Spring washers x 4


Nuts x 4

Download Manual

Download Magnum 12 kW radar manuals, declarations of conformity and mounting templates.

Download Software

Download the latest software for your Raymarine Magnum 12 kW radar.

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